My purpose as an artist is to communicate through movement. Dance is my language. I concentrate on bringing genuineness and vulnerability to all of my performances and choreography to highlight the importance of human connection. I believe when creating from a place of vulnerability and authenticity the audiences receives the dancers’ truth in its most unedited raw form. My mission is to give the audience the space to turn the mirror on themselves and feel comfortable embracing their own truths. I strive to create work that says something, means something , and makes the audience not only think, but feel.

Choreography Reel 

2017-2018 Choreography Reel

Selected pieces of past choreography

RAIIN Dance Theater presents: in Human

in Human is a celebration and examination of black culture through the lens of spoken word, contemporary trap music, jazz and hip hop. We partnered with the Georgia Tech School of Industrial Design to create a new experience in which an engineered set transforms the stage.

2016 The Earl Mosley Institute of the Arts.

4 Hours was initially created to be a dedication to Michael Brown, a young black man who was shot and killed by the police and then his body was left to lay in the streets for 4 hours.As a young black woman, the current state of America and race relations is very close to my heart, and that is portrayed in my this piece. The work draws attention to the issues and provokes people to think reflectively and critically of where they stand. The premise of this piece is looking at the connection between the past and the “post-racial” society we live in. I utilize the imagery of children to create a context of humanity that is often lost in the conversation about race relations. The music for the piece begins with an overlay of children saying the pledge of allegiance and jazz. As the piece progresses the children’s voices saying pledge of allegiance become more distorted and are soon overtaken by audio from newscasts describing the killing of unarmed citizens by the police. When I was in the second week of setting this quartet, 2 more unarmed black men, Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, were killed within days of each other. The piece shifted after these killings. The anxiety that I feel, from the killing of people who look like me permeate throughout the piece.

2016 King Kunta choreographed by Raianna Brown premiered at Emory University for the AHANA student choreographer showcase.

2015 Staib Dance, Sorrento, Italy

I Can't Breathe. I was invited to reset this work on a cast of dancers in Italy after the company director of Staib Dance, George Staib, saw the dance originally performed in Atlanta. When the incidences with Mike Brown, and then Eric Garner took place, I knew that I wanted to make a statement. Those two cases among others were the starting and the inspiration for the work you see.