RAIIN Dance Theater

Premiere FriDay, NOVEMBER 17th, 2017



Raianna Brown and Kyla Langdon co-founded RAIIN Dance Theater in 2017. RAIIN Dance Theater’s mission is to connect people of all cultural backgrounds by creating art that moves people to think, to find their voice, and to join the conversation surrounding social change, justice and an appreciation of who black people are as a culture. The vitality of the company is driven by unpacking the layers that comprise the black experience, connecting the past, present and future to ignite a new generation of empowered youth, amidst the movement. Founder and Artistic Director Raianna Brown is exploring the marriage between arts and technology to create new performance experiences.

The company will be premiering in Fall of 2017 at The Ferst Center for the Arts. This premier is the pilot program for the Innovative Arts and Technology Program that Raianna is working to begin at The Georgia Institute of Technology.

The company will be hosting open auditions January 28th, 2-6 PM at Rhythma Studios, 555 Whitehall St. SW #R18, Atlanta, GA. Video Auditions are being accepted until January 21st submitted to the company email.

RAIIN Dance Theater Website coming soon.