Komansé Dance Theater

Premiere of Skid January 25th - 26th, 2019


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Raianna Brown founded Komansé Dance Theater in 2018. Komansé Dance Theater's mission is to use art to challenge, create, and cultivate. The company utilizes the medium of Black cultural expression to unpack current issues surrounding social activism. Artistic Director, Raianna Brown, seeks to crete work that speaks to people's experiences and the universal human connection. Komansé Dance Theater is uncompromising storytelling for the culture. 

Komansé Dance Theater Website coming soon. 

The company will be premiering in January of 2018 at The Ferst Center for the Arts. This premiere, Skid is an aspect the pilot program for the Innovative Arts and Technology Program that Raianna is working to begin at The Georgia Institute of Technology.

Skid is a celebration of the vulnerability and strength of humanity. Komansé Dance Theater takes a provocative look at homelessness and gentrification in the Metro Atlanta area and beyond. Using an innovative set design and featuring 3D printed costuming, this production brings together dance and technological innovation to embody the human connection between art and social justice. Skid is set to a score of classical and contemporary sounds including trap music, jazz, and hip hop. The compelling high energy movement of the KDT dancers captures the attention of a multigenerational audience.

(Parental Advisory is suggested, this production contains mature racial subject matter.)